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My name is Titis Sundari, I joined Coates Indonesia in October 2019, currently in my position as Purchasing & Exim Officer. In this position, I am responsible for the procurement of goods including Inventory and Direct Order, especially for export and import. In addition, I have the important responsibility of managing the delivery of orders from customers.
This experience has given me valuable insights into the world of logistics and supply chain management. I have learned how to interact with diverse stakeholders, from suppliers to customers, and execute efficient processes. It has also broadened my communication skills.
I feel very grateful to work at Coates Indonesia, where I have been given great opportunities to continuously improve my soft skills and knowledge. This supportive work environment has allowed me to develop my communication skills, and time management, as well as a deeper understanding of our industry.I am proud to be part of a company that always prioritizes safety for employees. Safety is a core value embedded in Coates Indonesia’s culture, and Coates Indonesia is committed to keeping all team members safe.