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“My name is Rahmad Matondang, joined Coates in April 2020. I Live in Balikpapan and have 2 daughters, 18 and 15 years old.

Before joining Coates as Chief Operating Officer, I worked for an Australian company dealing with Mining equipment.

This is my second time joining Coates as I used to work for Coates from 2010 to 2013 as National Sales Manager.

I had an interesting moment when I rejoined in April 2020 in the middle of Covid 19 pandemic where uncertainty and business were difficult. Under the tough circumstances, I have seen how all team members of Coates live the values of the Company. I have seen how teamwork is being built and deeply care for each other and extend them to employees’ families. Grateful that Coates could go through those challenges and run the business quite well and that the safety of health of all Coates employees and families were well.

As part of the Leadership Team of Coates Indonesia, I find that working with all team members of Coates is always challenging.

Making sure that the Values of the company live in all employees is one of the most important parts of challenges. The “value moment” during the weekly meeting is always an interesting part of the discussion.

The first time I attended the CEO Coates presentation in 2011 where I understood that one of the differentiations of Coates in the middle of competition is its DNA to serve its customers at the highest quality. It has never changed until now and is one we keep ensuring in every business process and to all customers. I like to say, the type of brand of equipment may be the same between Coates and its competitors, but when it is painted with Coates color and branded with the Coates logo, it must perform differently because Coates serves better.

It needs hard work, but Coates’ Values make it happen.

Travelling is part of the joy of doing my work. I love visiting branches and sites where I can meet up with the Coates team and different people and customers as well as having the opportunity for more culinary experiences.”