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“My name is Agung Wastuadji, joined Coates in February 2014. I have two daughters, 20 years, and 16 years old.

Before joining Coates as Chief Finance Officer,  I worked for biggest shipping and logistic company from European (Denmark) and handle 4 subsidiary companies.

After a year joined Coates it was global financial distress happened and it was a challenge condition for Coates to be sustain in the market. And Coates Indonesia as today could going through the condition with the strengthen on fleet quality and services as part of customer focus.

When condition start recovery suddenly global pandemic happened as called Covid which become another challenge for all people in the word including Coates Indonesia. Surprising that during Covid era with commitment and dedication of the team, Coates Indonesia still could perform which this shows Coates Indonesia as a solid company with employee that live with Coates value.

It’s proven that Coates is dynamic company/sustainable that could adjust with the global condition as have a great team that living with the Coates value for customer focus.

The valuable moments when attending the quarter review meeting with BOD which shows Coates as company focus on the strategy to tracking the progress to align with the budget and action to be taken on wards.

Travelling is part of joy of doing my work as will meet customer with different performance as part to maintain relationship and sustain collection on receivable, gathering information on customer strategy and cash flow which could identify earlier for potential issue to anticipate and action on it.

There is still hard work to be done to keep sustain but with Coates value it would be happened.”