25th Anniversary Celebration

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On the 11April 2017, Coates Hire Indonesia celebrated our 25th Anniversary in Balikpapan with our loyal staff, past and present and our business partners our suppliers and customers. It was a time the celebrate our achievement, but also recognise that Coates reputation has been built over 25yrs. It is the effort of all of the 677 current and former employees that has built this company to what it is today. Also to remember that over 30% of our people are working away from home, every day and are working long hours, often in difficult conditions from Papua and Sulawesi, through to Halmahera and Aceh in Sumatra. Coates success in Indonesia is not only about our service and quality, is also our relationships we have with our business partners our suppliers and customers. We share similar core values – safety first, excellence in customer service, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility. All of our partners have been with Coates for many years and we have gone through both good times and tough times together.

Now in 2017 we see improving business conditions and opportunities and together looking forward for an even more prosperous future for Coates Indonesia.