Lights For Sale

Our range of civil and mine specification lighting solutions will ensure work area is adequately lit, safe and productive.

- Mine specification
- Various lighting alternatives - 4000 Watt to 24000 Watt
- Suitable for a variety of applications and weather conditions
- Available in hydraulic or mechanical mast, trailermounted or skidbased.

Available in:

GreenLite (Coming Soon..)

LED Mine Specification Lighting Towers Coming Soon for 2013

For over 20years Coates Indonesia, has been a market leader in Mine Specification Lighting Towers, from 4500 watts lighting towers, to 24,000watt towers. All designed and built in Australia, with an extensive and reliable fleet operating throughout Indonesia. Most operating in excess of 15,000 hrs trouble-free, justifying their reputation and quality.


Over the years nothing has come close to the ruggedness and reliability of the Allight Mine Specification Metal Halide lighting towers – UNTIL NOW!

Well times are changing. Our industry is going through tough times, and now our customers are demanding better, newer and more efficient equipment. Coates is hearing our customer’s demands and always looking for improvements in systems, technology and equipment. As a result we are looking at newer and cleaner technology, that promises saving for our customers – LED Lighting Towers.

LED lighting has been around a long time and only recently has it started to show true potential, in terms of lighting ability and performance. LED has the following main advantages over traditional Metal Halide lights – fuel efficient, cheaper to run and operate, low voltage (24VDC typically), extremely long lasting bulbs (typically 50,000hrs operating).

However, there are some disadvantages of LED lighting. Indications are that they do not have the same light depth and range of a metal halide which makes for their use in the pit and dumping areas limited. However recommended for: work areas, refuelling stations, traffic and security points and mess and camp areas.

Currently Coates is in the process of investigating and trailing light options, to ensure that our reputation and that of our customers are maintained, by ensuring the right product is delivered, when and where needed.

Talk to your local Coates Lighting Sales representative and discuss your lighting needs and suitability. Expect it soon in 2013 in Indonesia.
NS4K - Nightshifter 4000

Nightshifter 4000

As the day shifts to night, the NIGHTSHIFTER Manual 4000 takes to entry range of lighting towers to new heights. With four 1000W double-ended metal halide lights, winch-less 9m mast raise, and 350 degree rotation with mast fully extended and operational, the NIGHTSHIFTER 4000 also delivers perfectly targeted illumination with electric vertical and horizontal light tilt via the control panel.

Engineered in Australia to provide the end user with unprecedented ease of transport, maintenance and use, the NIGHTSHIFTER 4000 is ideal for rental markets, safety, events, security and construction applications, delivering effortless one-person operation.
NS4K-9V Firefly

Designed with project safety and the environment in mind, the new tower comes with a full integral bund to prevent fluid spillage. Engineered and built in Australia, FIREFLY is easy to transport and can be operated by one person.

It packs out 4000 watts of bright light from its damageresistant double-ended metal halide lamps. Specially designed parabolic reflectors amplify lamp output to create light plots which are the envy of the industry.

350 degrees of mast rotation and the ability to adjust each of its four lamps independently, means maximum flexibility and so big productivity gains.

Cost-effective shipping has also been built into the FIREFLY tower’s ingenious design. Ten towers can be carried on a standard 40ft open truck - and 16 can fit into a 40ft sea container with only very minimal disassembly. Forklift pockets, lifting points and tie down straps underline the tower’s commitment to transit safety, and the FIREFLY can also easily be towed by most cars.
MS6K - 9

Mine Series - MS6K9

MS6K-9Designed and manufactured to Mine Specification, the MS6K9 is a 9m lighting tower with four 1500W metal halide lamps and hydraulic operational features, available in skid or single-axle trailer mounted configurations.
MS9K -10

The MS9K - 10 is a 10m lighting tower with six 1500 metal halide lamps and hydraulic operational features, available in skid or dual-axle trailer configurations.
  • Compact designs
  • Minimised noise levels and controlled subjective harshness
  • Reliable and durable, with low oil consumption and service intervals set at 500 hours as standard
SS24K - 12
Robust, durable, heavy duty towers to Mine specification, Allight’s Super Skid Series mobile lighting towers are designed to withstand the most challenging and rigorous mining conditions. The Skid base allows the towers to be secure and stable in any situation and provides for overhang capabilities. With fully hydraulic operational controls and powerful light output ranging from 15,000 to 24,000 Watts. Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia.